Chemical resistant

We perform chemo-resistant protections together with construction engineering works of trays and tanks required for lining.


Security is implemented in the form of:

  • anti-acid laminates,
  • anti-acid tiles,
  • anti-acid masses,
  • rubber linings made of anti-acid rubber compounds.


The scope of works is chemo-resistant:

  • trays and tanks,
  • sulfuric acid production installations,
  • sewage treatment plants,
  • battery room,
  • pickling plants,
  • neutralizers.


We make chemically resistant floors depending on the media that affect them.


We also offer:

  • impregnation of concrete,
  • impregnation of liquid-tight membranes made of glass-resin laminates,
  • antistatic floors for apparatuses, bathtubs and tanks,
  • poured epoxy floors covering,
  • resin concrete elements.


We currently carry out chemo- resistant protection in any technology and medium.